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Treating Children like Rock Stars for over 2 Decades!

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Places you might have seen Lee:

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Now in his 27th year of performing, Lee educates and entertains at schools, libraries, festivals, fairs, birthday parties, churches, and corporate events nearly 300 times each year! When Lee created his clown character, Lew-E, at the age of two, he had no idea that it would turn into his career. Lee has been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world creating thousands of smiles for families of All Ages!

After 4,000 performances, Lee is one of the most sought-after entertainers in the Southeast. Lee has a genuine love and dedication for performing and people in general. Lee takes that same love and commitment and applies it to each event that he works on! Lee and his wife reside in Georgia with their six year old son, Ashton Michael Andrews, and two year old daughter, McKenzie Rae Andrews.

Lee treasures the opportunity to portray Santa to thousands of children and their families in South Florida each November and December! Santa Claus is a very important role to Lee, and he insures that each child receives the Santa experience they deserve!

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Who is Lee Andrews?


Turn music on here.

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Why the name Rock Star Santa?


In the 2019 Christmas season, I performed for the children of Dog River Public Library. I performed for this library and its patrons for the last four Christmases. Well, this year a grandmother posted this photo of her grandson and his pal, Santa!


Within the comments, there is flattery shared towards both her grandson and me. Interestingly though, the grandmother dubbed me as “The Rock Star Santa”.  She says “He books up two years in advance”. That is flattering, but not completely true…It’s fast, but not that fast!


Needless to say, I have been thinking on this nickname for a while. Rock Star Santa has grown to have a ring to it for me. Rock Star Santa doesn’t imply how I feel of myself, but what I want children to feel like when they visit me as Santa.


I want children to feel like Rock Stars, like in the moment they’re visiting me that they’re the only child that exists. That’s why I love the name Rock Star Santa, and that's the kind of experience I try to give each child!

Home Visits




Home Visits

Bring the Legend of Santa Claus to your home this holiday season! Imagine for a moment that you are 6 years old. Now, think back to when you were out of school and at your house. It seems that Christmas will never get here and then the doorbell rings. Your parents tell you to go see who is at the door and as you open the door the Legend – Santa Claus is standing there in full suit, knows you by name and asks, “May I come in?” A personal visit with Santa can be arranged at your home. You can invite neighborhood friends or just have your own family present; it’s your choice. Think of the photos and the memories you will provide for your loved ones.

Santa comes prepared to tell stories about the North Pole, his reindeer, the elves and so much more. Before Santa leaves he will share the story of the old sleigh bells and leave for your family one of these magical bells as a keepsake that will be treasured always.

Even you will believe again!

Don’t forget your cameras because these photos and memories will be something you will want to treasure forever. You will never be able to receive this kind of experience at a mall, so you will be an instant super hero with your family! Santa will provide information on how to prepare your home for a visit from Santa and how to make this an enjoyable experience for the whole family!

Home Visits are based on a 30-minute time frame, but additional time can be added.

Talk to us about how much time we recommend for your home visit. Fees for these visits can be seen here:


Corporate Events

There is nothing more uplifting during the Holiday season than to have the man himself, the Legend – Santa Claus, show up at your event. Just his appearance alone brings warm smiles, excitement, and fond memories. It’s a way of saying “Thank You” and “Things are going to be all right”. We will be glad to work with you on having the Santa Show (a 30-minute “Magic of Christmas” with music and storytelling) or just visiting with Santa.


Now is the time to book before the calendar is full. All commercial times have a one-hour minimum. To help you plan your event, allow 2 minutes per child for a photo and personal visit with Santa. 


After booking, additional information on working with Santa and your event will be available to you. We look forward to being a part of your team at this year’s Holiday celebration.

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Corporate Events

Country Clubs

The Holiday season is a special time for family and friends. How special for your members to share a visit with the Legend, “Santa Claus” and their children and grandchildren – a chance to make lasting memories as they sit on Santa’s lap, sharing their Christmas wishes and a photo. Or it could be a visit with Santa during breakfast, lunch, or dinner as he goes from table to table.


Whatever the event, your members will love it! A special time at a special place – their Country Club. Let Santa Lee Andrews be your Santa this Holiday season. Call (678) 315-4329. Be sure to schedule Santa Lee Andrews early before his calendar is full.

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What better way is there to bring the families in your community together for the holidays than with Santa Claus! This year I would like to work with your homeowner’s association to make a visit with Santa Claus a fun, personal, and truly enjoyable experience without any of the long lines associated with the traditional mall visit. I’ll bring my Throne, a professional backdrop, and music – a $500.00 value-free; you provide the location and bring your cameras or have a professional photographer take the individual and/or family pictures.


Let Lee Andrews be your Santa this Christmas season. Call 678-315-4329. Book early before this is full.


For something really different check out “Story Time with Santa” or “The Smart Santa System!” These two options will put your HOA heads above the rest!

Home Owner Associations


One of the most often asked questions by children who are  away from home during the Holidays is “How will Santa Claus find me?” This is a perfect opportunity for your hotel to offer a solution to your small guests' concerns. You can have Santa Lee Andrews visit the hotel by hosting a visit with Santa in your lobby under the tree. Or on a more personal note, arrangements can be made for Santa to visit guest rooms. Call for details.

  • Tea with Santa

  • “Story Time with Santa” Programs

  • Employee Christmas Parties

  • Rewards Members “Thank You” Events

  • Santa Tuck-in Service for your Guests

  • “The Smart Santa System”

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Rock Star Santa.jpeg

Towns / Municipalities

Want to create a magical North Pole experience for your town’s next event? Then don’t hesitate to give Lee a call today to make sure your event is on Lee’s Calendar this year!

  • City Employees' Holiday Parties

  • Parades / Special combination

  • Parade and Santa Visit – Call

  • Tree Lightings and Special Events

  • Schools – Special Pricing – Call

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story time.jpg

During a 30-minute performance, Santa answers the many questions that children have been asking for years.

  • “How do reindeer fly?”

  • “What happens if we catch you in our house on Christmas Eve?”

  • “How did the reindeer get their names?”

  • “Is Bernard really the head Elf?”

  • “How do fairies help with Christmas?”

  • “What’s your favorite cookie?”

All of these questions and more are answered during “Story Time with Santa”.


You and your children will experience the wonder of Santa, discover the secrets of the North Pole, and may even feel the excitement of creating snow or collecting fairy dust from real fairies and more! Why it’s possible, you might even get to see some of the toy prototypes that Santa and his Elves are currently working on. For a most memorable celebration, book “Story Time with Santa” today!

The Price for a “Story Time with Santa” Program is dependent on your event. Included within these fees is the use of props and a custom backdrop with a custom Santa Throne! These create a truly remarkable setting in your venue and for your families!


PLEASE NOTE: Events on weekends in December are subject to a high fee structure.

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